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The Pavelka Way Manual, The Pavelka Planner, The Pavelka Journal


The Pavelka Way Manual

Where do you start when you want to live your True Health? The Manual introduces you to The Four Elements of The Pavelka Way; Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect and gives you a step by step guide on incorporating it into your everyday.

The first half of this Manual provides a colourful introduction to each of The Four Elements.  Spend some time getting to know them and then head into the second half. Here you will find a step by step guide, with helpful worksheets to fill in that will help you decide on the small sustainable changes that will form your Pavelka Way.

Small and slimline, this is the perfect place to start or top up your wellbeing.

H 210mm

W 150mm

D 5mm

The Pavelka Planner

The Pavelka Way means incorporating The Four Elements into your daily life. If you are the type of person that likes to plan or keep track of how you are improving then The Pavelka Planner is the tool for you.

The Planner has enough pages for you to plan out your daily interaction with each of The Four Elements for 12 weeks.

·Set your intentions for the day

·Plan out your 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks

·Plan your exercise

·Write down how you will be incorporating Think into your day

·Note down the great Connections you’ve made

Turn to the back to reflect and set your goals for the 12 weeks with The Monthly Check In.

This compact spiral bound notebook can travel anywhere with you, and comes in Pavelka Blue so that it co-ordinates with The Pavelka Way Manual and The Pavelka Journal.

H 210mm

W 155mm

D 11mm

The Pavelka Journal

This is the place to practice The Four Elements. Why not plan out your journey with The Four Elements or use this to practice Think by writing your intentions, gratitude’s and reflections down in a private Pavelka place.

A simple notebook to compliment The Pavelka Way Manual and The Pavelka Planner, it comes in Pavelka Blue so that it co-ordinates.

H 210mm

W 155mm

D 11mm


But a set of all three and save over 15%!

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